Evita test

Evita Test Complete - a risk free chromosome test

The Evita test complete is a risk free chromosome test that analysis the DNA of the fetus to identify chromosomal aberrations. The Evita test is the only blood test available that provides detailed information of all the chromosomes of your baby. With the test any significant chromosomal aberrations will be highlighted, and you will of course also discover the gender of your baby, if you wish to know. 

Chromosomal aberrations can indicate that your baby may be born with syndromes such as Downs Syndrome, Edwards syndrom, Turners syndrom or other lesser known genetic syndromes. 

Who can take the Evita test?

In short, the Evita test is suitable for all pregnant women, but should be carried out during week 10+0 - 14+6 of the pregnancy. 

 Previous health issues, including your weight, will not influence whether or not you can receive the test. 

If your are unable to take the Panorama or Harmony test due to your weight, then you can take the Evita test instead. 

However, the test is not suitable for women who are expecting twins or women who are further ahead in the pregnancy than week 14+6. 


When will I get the results?

The test will be sent to a laboratory in Denmark, where it will take approximately 12 days to analyse the test. 

You will be contacted by us as soon as your results are ready. 

You will of course also receive the report by e-mail.