Early scan

Ultrasound Clinic for Pregnant & nbsp; has extensive experience in the very early scan.

After 5 weeks of gestation the pregnancy is visible in the uterus using ultrasound, if the embryo is developing at a normal rate.

After 6 weeks and just 2mm in length the embryos heartbeat is visible. If you cannot see the heart beating at 6 weeks you are either not 6 weeks pregnant yet or the embryo has not developed properly and will not be able to grow.

From 6 full weeks you can see a small fetal heart beat.

As soon as you can see a heart beating, you can also count the number of hearts and hence the number of embryos. Therefore you can determine very early in pregnancy if you are expecting more than one child. 2% of all pregnancies are twins.

Once you have seen the heart beating at an ultrasound the risk of miscarriage is very small.


In most pregnancies that are miscarried an embryo has never been formed.

Thus it brings great comfort to many to have an early ultrasound scan.


Ultrasound scan performed in the first weeks of pregnancy are done vaginally.

Ultrasound scans performed before the 12th week of gestation cannot determine if there are any malformations in the foetus.