3D & 4D baby scan - small

This ultrasound we recommend from 14 weeks until the due date.' 

Maybe you are just curious to know the gender of the child, maybe you are worried that the baby is not growing enough or you just want to be sure everything is alright.

It is possible from week 14 to give you the answer 'it is a boy' or 'it is a girl' :-)


What do I get:

The ultrasound examination is recorded onto a USB. You can buy one at the clinic or bring your own.

We also print out pictures from the machine and 3-4 of the pictures will be in 3D.

You will get a written rapport about how the baby is growing and what sex it is, not just print out from the machine.


What do we do:

We estimate the fetal weight. This is done by measuring certain parts of the baby and a computer then calculates the size. Those parts are the head (width and circumference), abdominal circumference and the length of the femur.

We use the same systems as they use in the hospitals and the calculations are also performed using the same software (ASTRAIA) as the hospitals use. Therefore you can compare our results with the ones you have had made earlier in your pregnancy.

We also measure the flow rate in the umbilical chord. That determines if the baby is getting enough nutrients and it also means that you will be able to hear the baby's heart beat during this examination.We evaluate the amount of amnion fluid and determine where the placenta is located. We evaluate the amount of amnion fluid and determine where the placenta is located.

If you want to know the sex of the baby, we can also see that.


Questions you may have about your pregnancy are very welcome, so feel free to ask the doctor during your ultrasound.

We also look at the baby's development and briefly at the organs. The later we scan, the harder it is to see everything, simply because the baby is too big at that stage.

After 30 weeks we can determine with great accuracy how big the baby will be at the time of birth. Large babies will at this stage also be large at birth. Earlier in the pregnancy apparently large babies can still end up as normal sized babies around the time of the birth.

Our gender determination is 99.9% correct. If you wish to know the sex and baby is hiding it's genitals well, we will of course offer you a scan another day free of charge, when hopefully the baby is lying in a different position.