Early scanning 600 kr.
Early scanning with discount (you can book this after your first early scan and until week 13+0) 300 kr.
Nuchal translucency test with risk calculation for Downs syndrome and report 1200 kr.

(only along with nuchal translucency test)

600 kr.
Early malformations scan

weeks 13-18 - 45 min

1900 kr.
Late malformations scan

weeks 19-22 - 45 min

1900 kr.
Gender determination

from week 14 - a little short scan, only gender - 15 min

500 kr.
3D/4D scanning - 45 min

kl. 9-15 
kl. 16.00-21.00 and Saturdays (1500 kr)
this include fetal wellbeing and estimated fetal weight and another scan for free if you don't get good pictures.

1300 kr.
1500 kr.

3D/4D scanning - 30 min
This scan do not include another scan for free if you don't get good pictures.

900 kr.
Growth and fetal wellbeing. Incl estimated fetal weight and Doppler and report 1000 kr.

Panorama basis test incl. risk calculation for 22q11.2 deletion - DiGeorge.
Panorama basis test - trisomy 21 (Downs syndrom) trisomy 18 (Edwards syndrom)  trisomy 13 (Patau syndrom), Gender. Triploidy and DiGeorge.

If you are pregnant with a donor eg or twins, you can have all but DiGeorge.

4300 kr.

Panorama expanded test,  incl 22q11.2 deletion,  Prader-Willi syndrom, Angelman syndrom, 1p36 syndrom and Chri-du-chat syndrom.
Panorama  test incl. 5 microdeletioner -  trisomy 21 (Downs syndrom) trisomy 18 (Edwards syndrom) trisomy 13 (Patau syndrom), Gender. Triploidy. DiGeorge, Prader - Willi syndrom, Angelman syndrom, 1p36 deletion og Cri-du-chat syndrom.

Panorama test incl 5 microdeletioner not for twins, donoreg or vanished twin.

5400 kr.

Harmony Test

Risk calculation for trisomy 21 (Downs syndrom) trisomy 18 (Edwards syndrom) trisomy 13 (Patau syndrom), Gender. DiGeorge.
Not for vanished twin or donor eg.

4700 kr.

Vistara test

Screening for 30 serious disorders. A blood sample from the pregnant woman..

Recommended as a supplement to the Panorama test if you want to ensure the greatest possible safety for a healthy child.

7500 kr.
Panorama test and Vistara test the same day. Discount 1000 kr. 11900 kr. 

Horizon Test

Horizon screens your genes to see if you're a carrier for up to 274 autosomal-recessive and X-linked gentic conditions.

4 genes             4900 kr.
27 genes           5300 kr.
106 genes         6300 kr.
274 genes         6700 kr.



All prices in Danish kroner..

Payments with cards from outsite EU (VISA or Mastercard) incur an additional 3% bank fee

All 3D/4D scans include many printouts and all images are saved on a USB, for viewing on your computer. You can bring a USB or buy it at the clinic for 50 kr.